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Application & Renewal Fees

Individual Licensee Fees

FE Application/ Engineer Intern Certification: $25

PE Application: $150

PE Registration/Renewal: $50 / 2 Years.
*After the applicant is approved for license, payment of registration fee is required to place into active status for the current registration period (through 6/30 of the next even-numbered year).
Registration fees = $6.25/ quarter X # of quarters remaining in the current registration period ($6.25 X 8 Quarters = $50 max payment).

PE penalty for reinstatement from delinquent status: $50/mo.  (maximum $300, all late renewals must complete a CPC audit to reinstate active status).

Exam fees: payable directly to NCEES

Engineering Firm Fees

Certificate of Authorization (COA) application/ Initial Registration: $200, once approved COA will be active through September 30.

COA Renewals: $150, Due annually on September 30

COA penalty for delinquent status: $75/ quarter (maximum $600 over 2-year eligible reinstatement period + renewal fee).
*Note: compliance with Delaware State Tax Laws is required and accomplished by contacting the Delaware Division of Revenue at (302) 577-8253. Your firm will need a current business license or a letter of exemption. The Delaware Divison of Revenue uses this questionnaire to determine if you need a business license. If you answer “No” to all 4 questions, follow the instructions on the questionnaire to obtain a Letter of Exemption from the Division of Revenue. If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions, apply for a Delaware business license here.